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Being bound by a wheelchair can create many problems for accessibility, especially when it comes to vehicular transportation. This can be quite a dilemma when dealing with a situation that requires fast transportation to the nearest medical clinic. Since a vehicle that has been outfitted with a wheelchair access device may not always be available, you can have us at Patriot Care Inc on call for the times when you need to move a long distance. We will treat you with the respect you deserve as we take you where you need to be.

When you call us in need of service, we will send a wheel chair dispatch to you as soon as possible. After we get a reading on what type of medical attention you need, we will drive you to the proper facility as fast as legally possible. Once we have arrived at the location that you need to be at, our wheel chair pushers will make sure you get inside the building and to the people who will take care of you from there. Our wheel chair accommodations are meant to get you the attention you need with speed and safety.

Here at Patriot Care Inc we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for wheel chair service in Rockaway, NJ. To that end, we train all of our certified employees to be respectful and to accommodate you or your loved one as much as possible. If you are taking care of a disabled or elderly person and need training in CPR or first aid, we can provide that to you so that you are ready for medical emergencies.

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