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Starting up Patriot Care Inc was a decision that we knew would require all of our time and effort to make successful. Though building our business into what it is today took much energy and stress, we are extremely satisfied to be able to help people as well as we can now. With our twenty ambulances, we are able to cover a huge service area in Rockaway, NJ, which gives our clients faith that they will always have the transport they need. We will show you why our motto has always been “Service. Excellence. Integrity.”

As a veteran owned company, we have past experiences that give our work a very meaningful purpose. Going through situations where people become hurt or killed due to the lack of expedient medical transportation has taught us the importance of fast response times and on-board medical care. That is why we will always show up as fast as possible when you need emergency service and do everything we can to help you before we reach the hospital. There is nothing more important to us than helping save the lives of others.

We have veteran discounts available because we feel an obligation to help out our fellow service men and women. Since so many other businesses tend to neglect the needs of veterans, we see it as our duty to provide them with welcoming service at a lowered rate. No matter what the weather may be like or how bad traffic is, we will always make it our top priority to get you where you need to go as soon as possible. Start using our services as soon as it becomes apparent that you need professional medical transportation!

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